1. Membantu produsen makanan dalam mengestimasi kandungan gizi dalam menu/makanannya.
  2. melaksanakan edukasi gizi secara menyeluruh ke masyarakat
  3. Memberikan pendampingan solusi masalah gizi individu, kelompok dan masyarakat
  4. Menciptakan wirausaha sosial yang dapat membantu meningkatkan status gizi masyarakat


Muh. Nur Hasan Syah - Initiator & Director

Known as Anca, graduated from the Public Health Program in  Nutrition at Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia and currently working as a lecturer in Bekasi, West Java. He has participated in various types of training in the fields of nutrition and health as well as the international nutrition congress. In 2017, he became a delegate of an early career travel grant award from the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) at the International Congress of Nutrition in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is interested in research and community service. He can be reached on Instagram @ancahasan or contact him via email anca@makanbaik.com or anca.gizi@gmail.com

Silvia Mawarti Perdana - Data Quality Manager

Silvia graduated from magister program of community nutrition, IPB University (awardee of Jambi Government, BU Dikti and thesis LPDP scholarship). She is lecturer, researcher and nutrition consultant. Currently, she is interested in infant and child nutrition, especially stunting. Feel free to contact her on instagram (silvia.mawarti) or email (silvia.mawarti@gmail.com)

Alfi Fairuz Asna - Scientific Manager

Asna graduated from Public Health Nutrition, Gadjah Mada University and achieved Higher Education Featured Scholarships (BU DIKTI). She is curently working as a lecturer. In addition to being a lecturer, she is also a registered nutritionist. She is interested in family, maternal, and child. Food, books, children’s games idea, and children’s books are mostly attract her. Find her on instagram @na_asna or email fairuzasna@gmail.com

Amelia Lityasusanti - Marketing & Brand Manager

Amelia Lityasusanti is studying Nutrition  at STIKES Mitra Keluarga, Bekasi. She plays basketball and badminton. She also excels several music instruments , enjoys culinary and traveling. She actively participated in various seminars, competitions and extracurricular  activities such as the Student Senate and Nutrition Student Association. In 2018, Amel became the chief executive in a community service program aimed at improving the health status of the people in Bantar Gebang. Wanna know more about her please follow her on Instagram @amelialitya or drop her email at amelialitya@yahoo.com

Nafa Andini - Financial Manager

Nafa Andini Puspayuningtyas is a Bachelor student at Stikes Mitra Keluarga, Bekasi who focus on Nutrition. Nafa interested in culinary and singing. At present, She joins Makan Baik as Financial Manager because due to her experience in finance management at various organisational activities. please follow him on Instagram @nafaandinipspyngtyas or email  her nafaandipus@yahoo.co.id

Asriadi Masnar - Technical Manager

Residing in Jakarta Selatan, Adi is currently a docent at Polimedia Jakarta for Packaging Technique study, following his postgrad diploma and master graduation in Curtin Uni, Australia. Prior to his study abroad, he was blessed to be granted Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS) and achieved Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). He is tech savvy, love to dis/assemble thing, emulate, and re-create stuffs. Sustainability, food, and innovative design are three things that mostly attract him. Battleground to simulation games are his favourite genre. Once in a while, he is doing light-traveling , watching various genre of scifi-heroes/ine-documentary-romance movies, and daydreaming about his 3D food printer creation in his spare time. Hit him a message at his email address: asriadi.masnar@polimedia.ac.id

Dwi Prabawani - Creative Content & Designer

Dwi Prabawani completed his undergraduate education at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) Faculty of Fine Arts with a specialisation Visual Communication Design Study Program. She actively participated in various seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and competitions held on or off campus. She has been involved in making Indonesian animated history infographics for the Inamafest 2016 event and took part in the Eating Story exhibition held by the Japan Foundation around Japanese food with used paper-based takoyaki works in 2018. In addition, she also has interests in the fields of art, photography, animation, film, games, and culture,  as a her fountain of inspiration in his work. To find out more, you can follow her instagram @dwiprabawani or email to dwi_prabawani@yahoo.co.id.

Mega Uli Nova - Content Contributor

Mega is currently a bachelor student who actively participates in scientific events in the field of nutrition such as seminars, training, and nutrition competitions. She also often makes content on nutrition and food, both in written and infographic forms on Instagram social media. You might enjoy her creation about nutritional content related on her Instagram @meganutrition

Camelia Nuraini-Web Manager & Content Contributor

Amel is a first year diploma student at the State Polytechnic of Creative Media, Jakarta. She enrolled  Packaging Technology course. She is currently interested in design, reading books, and video editing . In her spare time, she enjoys culinary travel and singing. Find her on instagram @camelianuraini or hit her an email on cameliaaini23@gmail.com.

Muhamad Adhytia Setiawan – Creative Content & Design 

Adit is a first year packaging technology student of State Polytechnic of Creative Media, Jakarta. He’s passionate about developing and inovation in design. He loves reading various genre book and  immerse himself in graphic designing. You can drop him a message on email : adhytiasetiawan92@gmail.com